10 Things You Should Know About People

The Choice Is Yours, an inspirational and motivating book written by John C. Maxwell, explores the many aspects of life, including Attitude, Character, Commitment, Courage, Power, Passion, Relationships, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, and Love. It focuses on helping its readers to recognize opportunities for making better decisions in life.

Maxwell creates this list of 10 simple thing that he believes everyone should know about people:

  1. People are insecure . . . Give them confidence
  2. People like to feel special . . . Sincerely compliment them
  3. People look for a better tomorrow  . . . Show them hope
  4. People need to be understood . . . Listen to them
  5. People lack direction . . . Navigate for them
  6. People are selfish . . . Speak to their needs first
  7. People get emotionally low . . .Encourage them
  8. People want to be associated with success . . . Help with them
  9. People desire meaningful relationships . . . Provide community
  10. People seek models to follow . . . Be an example

The world will be a happier place if everyone treats each other with kindness right? #lifehacks


The Choice is Yours is a ridiculously colorful and fairly short book with a unique style and format that will really help lift your spirits. It was recommended to me by a bubbly math teacher and I recommend it to all of you if you’re looking to kick back with a quick and fun read!


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