Test of Common Sense: Hacker Wins Round 1

Believe it or not, someone out there in this cruel world actually took the time to hack into my blog, delete my first four posts, and even attempted to delete the actual blog itself. (Thank god WordPress sends an email to you confirming if you really want to delete your blog or not)

But it’s not like I didn’t have it coming or anything..

In other words, my advice to everyone out there is this:
Do not create a WordPress account using the exact same information you used for your Facebook account that had previously been hacked. Or maybe, unlike myself, you have common sense and already know not to do that..

The Hacker may have won battle, but I have won the war (AKA I changed my password and it is now impenetrable).

***working on restoring those post so be on the lookout for posts titled as “[Restored] under the month of September”

In the meantime, here are a few tips to think about on how to avoid instances like this:
1. Avoid common names. (No pets, parents, favorite celebrities, etc.)
2. Avoid important dates. (That means birthdays and anniversaries!)
3. Throw in a couple of numbers and/or capital letters.
4. Don’t pull a Michelle and use a password that was hacked before.

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