Revolutionize: Be the Change You Want to See

It profoundly infuriated my coach when he saw the ball touch the floor without someone hitting the floor first, trying to keep it in play.

He would scream, “There’s too much standing around and just watching!”

As the libero/defensive specialist of the team, AKA the one on the court expected to be hitting the floor the most, I was strongly encouraged to dive headfirst at opportunities. Literally.


Candid action shot.

So what makes everyday life any different?

Why wait around for others to “call the ball” and take away your opportunity to be a superstar when you can take the initiative and dive headfirst at something hurling your way? It’s time everyone stops “standing around and just watching” and starts making their dreams real.

Want something to change but haven’t done anything about it yet?

Take this into account: the French Revolution launched full speed ahead all because peasants, people at the bottom of the food chain, shared an internal drive to seek change in their lives and their country.

What does this tell you?

If you have the passion, if you have the right amount of rage, if you suck it up and Be A Man

*cue Mulan song*

You can do anything you truly desire. So go ahead and storm the Bastille; march to Versaille; create your own revolution.

Do whatever the heck you want because every accomplishment starts with the simple decision to try.


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