Road to Redemption

Sometimes we lose sight of our goals, slipping into a deep abyss of deficiency and laziness. Our priorities fall through the cracks, performance and effort start to slip, and before you know it, BAM! 

We have an F in AP European History.

……or maybe that’s just me.

You see, as a young sophomore who was still semi-new to high school and its harder courses, I was expecting to breeze through my classes and earn my easy A’s, just as I’ve been doing all of my previous twelve years of school. (Yes I counted it correctly; it has been twelve years! I took pre-school twice. [I’m not complaining though; they were a good solid two years of milk and cookies.])


Me in My Pre-school Years… Obviously

However as the year progressed, I became increasingly aware that there was no such thing as an “easy A” in Mr. Kral’s AP Euro class, or any of my other classes (with the exception of mi clase de español). On the very first day of school I was already horribly under-prepared and completely oblivious to the fact that we had a vocabulary quiz, on which I scored a whopping 33.3%, entering the school year with a dynamite F- in the class.

It was only after a progress report was sent home and my mom went completely ballistic that I snapped back to reality and told myself, “you need to get your act together and be the student you know you really are.”

From that day forward I busted my butt, spending extra time reading the textbook and studying thoroughly, and was able to see the improvements I aimed to see, landing myself at my current B, which I have high hopes of making an A by the end of first semester.

*cue dramatic, inspirational music*
Hard work really does pay off, and your capability to accomplish something is purely based on your mindset and dedication to reach your goal.


All cliches set aside, you may be wondering,

Why am I making such a big deal out of this? 

Well personally, I’m really not too much of a history person. And considering the fact that this is my first high school history class, not to mention my also first AP class ever, makes this 3-letter-grade jump of mine something I’m proud of. Even if receiving an A has been and will always e the standard that is set for me, thanks for that by the way Mom and Dad, this time I’ll know the B, or hopefully the A, that will be on my report card is something I worked hard for.

This idea of dedication and redemption is also expressed in Hoosiers, a movie made in 1986 about a man named Norman Dale who becomes the new coach of the highly respected and widely popular Hickory’s high school basketball team.

Take a gander at its trailer if you’re interested:

The movie portrays a man by the name of Shooter as the town drunk. He and his son, one of the players on the basketball team, are emotionally distant from one another. However, Shooter is, surprisingly to the whole town, made the assistant by Coach Dale under the condition that he remains sober around the team.

His evident struggle to leave behind his alcoholic habits in order to fulfill the role as coach’s assistant and ultimately reconcile with his son depicts that the journey to redeem yourself is tough, but not impossible.

Acknowledging your goals is extensively easier than executing and accomplishing them. But a small challenge shouldn’t be something that stands in your way of success.

Get up, put some effort into it, and make something happen.

Pull a Nike, and


Inspirational Quote of the Day:

“Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock.”
-Hannah Montana



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