Winter Break: Time To Break Bad

Winter—my favorite season of the year. I’m absolutely in love with it. It is the beautifully cold season that sees the end of a year full of great memories and lessons, and sees us into a new one that holds countless opportunities for our future. Winter is also the time of the year that brings my family closer together through birthday parties (mine and my brother’s), Christmas, and Chinese New Year, which also means —–> $$$$$$$

Okay, joking again (just had to use an excuse to somehow incorporate this picture into my post). But another great bonus of this seasonal blessing is the two weeks of vacation away from school. What’s a better way to end the year than to not have to go to school and, instead, spend it with my family and friends every day?

This past week so far has provided a good amount of “me-time,” allowing a lot of self-reflection to take place. Thinking back and reflecting on everything that has happened either for better or for worse in 2013 made me realize how so many things have changed. My cute baby cousins are no longer cute babies (they’re just a bunch of cute toddlers now), a few friends I thought I would be friends forever with aren’t as close to me anymore, a lot of people I never even knew existed before play a bigger role in my life than I thought they ever would, etc…

All this thinking back also helped me realize how some things I thought were so important at the time ended up not being so important after all. I wasted a fair amount of time stressing over things I don’t even bother to think twice about now. It’s funny how life works out that way—you think you know something one second, and then the next second you find out you’re completely wrong.

Oh well, just a random thought. But that’s why I decided I should “break bad” my remaining week of break I had left. I wanted to let loose and not care about anything and enjoy myself, to end 2013 with a bang. And of course, one of the things I decided to do first to break bad was to watch the TV series Breaking Bad on my new Netflix account.


I remember a couple months back when I first found out this show revolved around a chemistry teacher who cooks meth, I figured I wouldn’t be the slightest bit of interested in it at all, considering I wasn’t too keen of chemistry nor cooking meth. However after hearing so many praises of it and getting sick of not understanding any of the references, I decided to indulge myself into the series; and I’m freaking glad I did.

It’s nothing like I have ever watched before yet every episode leaves me in awe


Bryan Cranston (AKA the dad in Malcolm in the Middle) does a great job with the role of Walter White,  and I’m sorry (not sorry) but I have to admit that Aaron Paul is a total cutie and plays the role of Jesse Pinkman to perfection.


Both characters undergo a major personality change throughout the series, which is really interesting to follow.Their decisions and reactions to their circumstances are always enthralling and leave me completely flabbergasted and eager to watch the next episode. I highly suggest that everyone watch it and check out Walt’s journey as a high school chemistry teacher and highly respected meth manufacturer 🙂


(okay mini obsession over Breaking Bad is officially over now)

*I had originally planned to tie in Walt’s many different changes to how my changes, making the point that change is something that occurs to everyone in life, but I got a little bit too into it and then all of these GIFs happened. Oh well.

Have a good day anyway


4 responses to “Winter Break: Time To Break Bad

  1. I am pretty sure that after watching the show, everybody now loves chemistry. And cooking meth. This was with no doubt one of the best TV shows around and I’m quite sad it’s over… Glad to see a fellow Breaking Bad fan! (Oh and I think that trying to compare the changes in Walt to the changes people might go through is a great mental exercise, never thought of it before. Let me spend my next years doing that, as a tribute to the show lol)

    • I’m not going to lie to you, I kind of love chemistry now. And cooking meth doesn’t seem too bad either… Haha! Glad to know this post actually inspired some sort of intellectual thinking in someone. P.S. I hope your tribute goes well! 🙂

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