Galaxy Quest: Comedy for the Nerdy Soul

One average school day, as we were quieting down and waiting for the bell to announce the start of 4th period, my class was mentally preparing ourselves for another period of work. Instead we were distributed a packet titled “Comedy” that listed the basic definition, different types, and techniques of comedy. (Who knew school could make even comedy sound boring…….just kidding. But seriously.)

I was beginning to lose interest in this comedy talk when my teacher brought up the original series of Star Trek. Personally I’m not too much of a sci-fi type of girl, so I was hardly intrigued by the mention of it.

It was only when we got to watch a few YouTube videos introducing the series that I got more into it

We were introduce to a few characters, one of them being Captain Kirk. He’s the man in charge who, hands down, is the lady (and alien) killer of the crew, as can be seen in this video.

So at this point I was thinking “well dang, 4 for you, Glen Coco Captain Kirk. You go Captain Kirk!”

Next we watched one of Star Trek’s (in)famous fight scenes, involving Captain Kirk and a giant mutant lizard by the name of Gorn. I was expecting it to be something totally epic and rad, but instead it… it was really something special.

Check it out (if you dare):


Anyways, the next day my class started a movie called Galaxy Quest, which is a satiric comedy loosely based off of the plot of Star TrekIt stars/features a handful of famous actors, including Tim Allen, Alan Rickman (Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies), Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office), Tony Shalhoub (Monk), and more.


At first I thought I wouldn’t be too interested in this, but as the movie progressed I became increasingly invested in it and attracted to its unusual movie plot… Basically, I had two moods throughout the whole duration of the movie:

1. The “what the heck is going on” mood, and
2. The “I have no idea what just happened but it was funny so I think I’m gonna laugh anyway” mood. (See below for visual representation.)


Guy Fleegman casually laughing.

So the bottom line to all of this is this:
It’s the movie you want to watch if (1) you’re a Trekkie, (2) you enjoy seeing really awkward-looking running, or (3) you’re just completely bored and have absolutely nothing else to do.

-Mshel out




2 responses to “Galaxy Quest: Comedy for the Nerdy Soul

  1. I actually love this movie, but I’m a Trekkie so I can appreciate it. That’s cool that they made you watch it for school!

    • It was fun to have the chance to relax and watch something new for school; I ended up really enjoying it! And yeah my English class is so cool. It’s innovative and always gives students the chance to do things we’ve never done before. (Creating this blog was actually one of my assignments!)

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