Self Expression + Creativity + Imagination + ? = Art

art1  (noun) /ärt/
 1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

It’s not easy to be open to self-expression with the subconscious fear of being judged constantly gnawing at your every move and decision. That is why all forms of art, whether it be in form of words or images, are respected and instantly characterized as something beautiful. Creating art means opening up and putting your naked self on display (..wait that sounded better in my head, I swear), which exposes your pure creativity and raw imagination to your audience.

For me, photography is a way for me to be able to put my creativity on display. I love capturing pictures of the little things…the small moments that tend to be overlooked. When I still had my camera I enjoyed getting shots of random things, like

fresh morning dew on a flower
genuine laughter
and I was relatively into an out-of-focus technique called “bokeh”
I’m probably the furthest thing possible from a “professional photographer;” I barely know anything about it. But that doesn’t affect the fact that photography is the most enjoyable way for me to take every day occurrences and display its simple beauty in a photo.

A famous user of Instagram named Javier Perez supports my point that simple art can be just as beautiful as any other works of art. Famously known as @cintascotch, Javier combines everyday objects commonly found in the household, with the touch of his pencil and dab of imagination.

These are a few of his final products, as can be seen on his Instagram account posted above:
The simplicity and easy-access of his art had instantly gained my interest and inspired me to make my own “cintascotch” work. I immediately searched for a simple object that was in my bag, pulled out a ring, and created this:
On that note, I feel as though the dictionary definition of “art” provided at the beginning of this post is not necessarily complete. Along with the self expression of one’s creativity and imagination, I think art is also something that starts up a little spark of inspiration in others.

I’ve used the word inspiration who knows how many times in this one blog post alone, which only proves that art goes hand-in-hand with inspiration. Art helps broaden one’s perspective on beauty, and with a wider perspective comes more room for inspiration, ultimately creating an involved community that interacts within itself. So I’m thinking the simple equation to art would be self expression + creativity + imagination + inspiration. Agreed?

Sorry I’m just rambling and I hope that makes even the slightest bit of sense… (It’s getting pretty late and my brain is shutting down on me)
Goodnight, and thank you for actually reading to the end of this if you’re reading this. *insert kissy face emoji*

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